Efficiency of Solar Panels for Businesses/Commercial Buildings


Renewable energy has become increasingly popular with New Zealand businesses. With the rise of global warming, it can be seen as a great option for reducing emissions while increasing corporate responsibility. Businesses that opt for commercial renewable energy demonstrate to their customers that they are committed to our planet. When done efficiently, it can also save a business’s money, and in some cases, even create another source of income. Read on if you want to know more about how solar panels efficiency could benefit your business.

You may have heard the terms ‘renewable energy’ and ‘off the grid’ being brought up in conversation but what do they mean exactly? Renewable energy or, ‘clean energy’, refers to energy that is generated from natural sources and can be constantly replenished. Examples of these are solar energy (which comes from sunlight), hydroelectric power (water), and wind energy. Other sources of energy, such as oil and coal, are not naturally recreated and need to be extracted, therefore not making them renewable. To be ‘off the grid’ means you use one or a number of renewable energy sources to power your household or business. If your renewable power is generating more power than your household or business needs, that excess power can sometimes be sold back to the grid/power company which is also called a ‘buy-back tariff’. So, if you have solar panels efficiency running, you could end up paying nothing for your power while also making an income from it. Foursquare Kawakawa is a grassroots example of this happening in the community. In 2018 they installed 82 solar panels to its roof with this goal in mind. Read more about Solar Power Commercial Solar projects here.

Solar panels are the most popular form of commercial renewable energy. They absorb particles of light and generate the flow of electricity. If enough energy is generated, it can power everything from lights and refrigerators, to TVs and computer monitors. Investing in solar panels efficiency can feel like a big financial commitment but when done right, it can be a way of future-proofing your business against the increasing costs of power usage. When opting for renewable energy, you’re opting to take the operational cost of running the building into your own hands. Fix your power costs for 20-25 years at a low, slowly-appreciating rate. By acting now, you could save big in the future.

Many New Zealand businesses are recognising how important it is to be on board with sustainable practices. The increase in recycling and worm farms at workplaces is a basic example of this. Support for the environment demonstrates to customers and employees that the business holds these values highly and is making an effort to lower their carbon footprint. Boosting a clean green image can work towards instilling trust and loyalty which is also positive for business. Solar panels efficiency ties into this movement and is a visible way of proudly showing the steps a business is taking towards a clean green future. Superpower’s mission is ‘a commitment to provide the present and future generations a better life with clean and efficient renewable energy’.

SuperPower understands that commercial renewable energy isn’t viable for every business. Whether it’s helping you create a plan for now, or in the future, we are committed to helping you get there, however small or large your goals may be. Contact us today to discuss what solar power systems could best work for you.