Smart Energy 

Smart Energy 

At SuperPower we offer smart energy solutions for you to efficiently utilise your energy through our energy management platform = ENERGYTICK

Our experts can design a smart system utilising our Energytick platform to provide 100% visibility into your energy consumption. That allows us to work with you to reduce your overall energy consumption, further reducing costs and environmental impact. This also provides a learning tool for students who can get involved in reducing their classroom and school’s energy consumption.

With Energytick, not only will you find interesting ways to learn and understand how your solar system and electricity works but it will also teach you about energy conservation and energy efficiency. Energytick will revolutionize that way you understand energy efficient solutions through our top-notch analytics platform that converts real-time solar production to analytics to savings options as quick as possible.

Some key reports of Energytick include:

Energy Trend 

Analyse energy trends by evaluating data on a Consumption vs Cost assumptions. This way it can help customers understand how their usage equates to costs and eventually savings.


 Find out how much energy your organization is consuming daily.

Top Consumer 

Find out which areas in your organization consumes the most energy and identify measures and strategies to mitigate accordingly.


Energy data that is captured can be used to monitor measurements, metrics and savings through data analysis. Explore multiple ways to study and match your consumption and associated costs to identify where your money is spent within your organisation and where energy saving efforts must focus on.

Get ready to discover so much more than Solar!

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