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SUPERPOWER is powering up schools with solar energy all over New Zealand. By producing their own power from the sun, schools can lower their long-term energy costs, decrease their carbon footprint and empower students on the benefits of sustainability and renewable energy.

We have worked with several schools and helped them to power their buildings and facilities with solar panels. We welcome all schools that are interested. SUPERPOWER can help you make the switch. Start saving and living a cleaner and brighter future.

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Solar and Schools Program
Kaitaia College
Okaihau Primary School
Project Profile 
Name of OwnerKaitaia College
LocationKaitaia , Northland
System Details101.2kW
# Of panels368 x REC Solar 275W
# Inverter5 x Fronius Symo 20kW
Install dateJanuary 2018
Annual solar production in kWh123,660.00
Project Profile 
Name of OwnerOkaihau Primary School
LocationOkaihau, Northland
System Details14.5kW
# Of panels54 x Jinko Solar 270
# InverterFronius Symo 15kW
Install dateOctober 2018
Annual solar production in kWh20,251.30

Solar Power

SUPERPOWER understands that commercial solar systems aren’t suited for every business and the reasons to choose solar will differ; whether it’s to reduce electricity costs for the long-term or being recognised as a sustainable business. If you are unsure what will suit your needs do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you decide which solar power system will best fit your business from design and layout to the various lease options available.

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Foursquare - Kawakawa
Foursquare - Moerewa
Project Profile 
Name of OwnerFoursquare – Kawakawa
LocationKawakawa, Northland
System Details23.3kW
# Of panels82 x REC 285W
# InverterFonius Symo 25kW
Install dateDecember 2018
Annual solar production in kWh31,091.60
Project Profile 
Name of OwnerFoursquare – Moerewa
LocationMoerewa, Northland
System Details26.8kW
# of panels96 x Jinko Solar 280W
# inverterFronius Eco 27kW
install dateJuly 2018
Annual solar production in kWh34,726.30

Solar Power

SUPERPOWER caters to customers that need specific requirements for their homes. From designing the optimal solar power system to providing the best equipment available in the market for renewable energy, we make sure that customers receive the highest quality throughout the process.

Solar Packages
  • Standard – size ranges from 3kW to 6kW
  • Custom – work cater to specific needs and requirements.

If you’re interested in talking about our standard and custom packages, call or leave us a message at our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

Project Profile 
LocationRuakaka, Whangarei
System Details3.48kW
# Of panels12 x Jinko Solar 290M
# InverterFonius Primo 3.5kW
Install dateAugust 2018
Estimated annual solar production in kWh4,842.90